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      Shandong Tianan Chemicals Co., Ltd

      Location: Home > Service > Service

      TIANMA started the custom manufacturing service from 2000. However, we have prepared for it over ten years - TIANMA has been producing pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals since 1993 with continual improvement of our R&D capability. Tianma could provide you with professional solutions in chemical contract manufacturing.

      Our specialized service include:

      Both cGMP and non-GMP facilities

      Contract Manufacturing for Phosgene derivatives in Shandong

      Assigned project manager supervising each project

      Fast response scheme

      International EHS system to be applied

      From Pilot scale to commercial quantity

      Contract Manufacturing for Advanced intermediates in Suzhou

      Contract Manufacturing for NaCN derivatives in Nantong

      An independent R&D center supporting technology development

      Sophisticated quality system

      Focus on advanced drug intermediates and fine chemicals

      Special chemical reactions

      We accept various mode of cooperation, mainly:

      1. Technical package provided by the customer with a technology transfer agreement signed
      2. Chemical structure provided by the customer and technology developed by our R&D center
      Once established, we will run a unique team for your project only, with expertise in every aspect of the process, and with an assigned project manager supervising its implementation.

      Intellectual property protection is crucial in global outsourcing business, especially in the case of whole technology transfer. Tianma attaches much importance to our customers’ rights to assure:

      CDA signed with customers;

      Agreement signed with employees;

      Project Coding system;

      A Project divided into several parts for different groups;

      Non-copy & Record reviewing system;

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